Hydrogen Peroxide and Cancer: This is What You Must know!


The number of people who die of cancer is terrifyingly high. Although we enjoy the benefits of advanced medicine, it’s almost inevitable to avoid all the toxins that surround us.

Beauty products, GMOs, insecticides, pesticides, fluoride, herbicides, bleach, antibiotics, toothpaste, cosmetics, shampoos, sunscreen… They are all made from chemicals and carcinogens. The food we eat contains artificial sweeteners, animal fat, refined sugar, too much salt, etc. this is wrong in so many levels. These products turn bodies into acidic machines, and cancers thrive in acidic environment. Cancer patients lose the battle with cancer within 5 years. Conventional cancer therapies like radiation and chemo weaken the body, and destroy healthy cells.

Pathogens and viruses can’t thrive in aerobic environment. The same applies to cancer cells. Cancer feeds on sugar, which means you should cut down our sugar intake and boost the oxygen supply to your cells. Alkalization is the only way to prevent the development of cancer and other diseases. Have you ever considered using hydrogen peroxide as an alkalizing agent? It does wonders to your hair, skin, and the body in general. Health benefits Hydrogen peroxide has an amazing effect on your body, and renews every organ and tract in the body:

  • Stomach lining in 5 years
  • Skin and hair within a month
  • DNA cell material and liver within 45 days
  • Gallbladder within 49 days
  • Brain tissue and cells in 2 months
  • Skeletal system within 3 months
  • Red blood cells within 4 months

According to scientists, there is a reciprocal relation between metastasizing and oxygen. Now scientists believe that hydrogen peroxide can aid in the treatment of cancer. Cancer cells are unable to break it down, and it destroys them. Pancreatic enzymes break down the protein cover of the affected cells, and the immune system doesn’t consider them cancerous. Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Laureate and German doctor, was the first to recognize the real cause of cancer. According to Dr. Warburg, every cell needs glucose, but normal cells need oxygen, too. Cancer cells don’t use oxygen which is why they can’t survive in aerobic conditions. Hydrogen peroxide treatments are safe and efficient. Always use 35% hydrogen peroxide. Experts say that 3% “Pharmaceutical Grate” hydrogen peroxide isn’t fit for external use. Hydrogen peroxide treatment Add two drops of 30-35% hydrogen peroxide to a glass of water, and sip it. You can also add hydrogen peroxide to your hot bath, and soak in for 30 minutes. Sources and References:


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