How to Clean the Grease Off of Your Range Hood


our range hood filter takes a lot. All of that grease and smoke from your daily cooking gets absorbed by the filter, especially if you cook with stainless steel cookware, leaving it looking rusty, crusty, and just straight up gross. Would you want to cook or entertain in a kitchen where your range filter is literally covered in filth? We thought not. If you’re looking to clean your range filter but don’t know where to begin, we don’t blame you. It’s an obscure part of the kitchen that you’re never really taught how to clean. Well, never fear! Watch the video below from Clean My Space and never have to look at a nasty range filter again.


To avoid your filters getting to where they are, making sure to check your fan filters regularly. If you love to deep fry food, you should check even MORE regularly, because odds are your filter isn’t looking so hot.

But to deal with the filter you have now, try this simple technique.

– OxiClean
– Hot water
– Bucket

You can use many other products here, such as dish soap or even hot steam, but this method works extremely well.

Step 1: Fill up a bucket with boiling hot water.
Step 2: Add a few scoops of OxiClean.
Step 3: Place the filter in the mixture and leave in for 10-30 minutes.
Step 4: Scrub with a bristle brush if need be.
Step 5: Dry and replace the filter.

For a few other clever ways to clean your range filter, make sure you watch the video above! She has so many great ideas to get your filter sparkling clean.


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