How Lack Of Vitamin B12 Intake Makes You Tired And Weak and 4 Foods Which Will Help You To Increase Its Levels!


Vitamins are more than essential for the human organism. Any lack of vitamins leads to severe health issues, so getting that vitamin level checked at all times is a must.

Vitamin B12 represents one of the most valuable groups of vitamins people need, and the lack of this vitamin could lead to serious health problems. Before running off to purchase your vitamin B12 pack, learn about the benefits it provides:

  1. Keeps the heart healthy

Vitamin B12 is in charge of decreasing the homocysteine levels in the blood. This is actually one of the most common triggers of heart problems. This is why having B12 vitamins will keep you safe and sound.

  1. Protects against nerve damage

Vitamin B12 enables the body to produce more myelin, which is a key compound in the nerves that keeps the body safe from health risks. In such way, the nerve damage is significantly reduced and the body is able to function properly.

  1. Strengthens the bones

According to various studies, people who lack vitamin B12 in their bodies often suffer from osteoporosis. As a result, they also had elevated homocysteine levels in their blood. To keep yourself safe against osteoporosis, make sure to always keep your vitamin B12 levels optimal.

  1. Boosts the body energy

Vitamin B12 enhances the energy circulating through the body, and in case it lacks from the organism, nausea and exhaustion happen. Therefore, to help your metabolism turn carbs into energy, make sure you increase your vitamin B12 intake. What happens when vitamin B12 is not present in the body:

  1. Anemia

If your organism doesn’t have enough vitamin B12 content, the cells carrying oxygen to the organs become unable to do their job.

  1. Head and feet numbness

Due to low oxygen levels in the body, as a direct result of low Vitamin B12 levels in the organism, the feet and head become stiff and you might experience a serious form of numbness.

  1. Fatigue

Fatigue occurs when the body is not receiving enough vitamin B12 content, which may make you feel drowsy and sleepy. Every type of sleepiness is not related to the lack of vitamin B12, but if it happens persistently or at odd times, then it sure is a symptom.

  1. Tongue inflammation and swelling

Believe it or not, the lack of vitamin B12 in the organism could trigger your tongue to swell and become inflamed. This causes loss of the sense of taste, or a strange taste of food that would otherwise taste normal. How to get vitamin b12 naturally: — Eggs – cheap, available and beyond healthy, eggs are packed with vitamin B12 and can be consumed in all different kinds of ways way. — Clams – aside from being rich in potassium, clams offer a great content of vitamin B12 and iron. You will only need 3 oz. of clams to get around 126 calories and 23.8 mg. of iron. — Beef – both vitamin B12 and vitamin A are found in this type of meat. To choose best, always go for lean beef meat. — Turkey – this type of meat is more than healthy for the body. It offers a large content of vitamin B12, and with 1 turkey dish you will get around 48.2 mg. of vitamin B12. As far as vegans are concerned, the best products to consume in order to replace for the lost vitamin B12 content are: yogurt, cheese, cereal, nutritional yeast, and plant-based milk. Sources and References:


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