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How i Lost More than 40 Pounds with Weight Watchers Freestyle Plan


I have been asked by the moderator of this group to share my weight loss/gain story. A couple of these pictures you have seen before. The purpose is to show how much my weight has fluctuated over the years.

My story:

I have had a weight “problem” since childhood. I have vivid memories of packing my lunch for school that included 2 sandwiches, 2 bags of chips and cookies. Clearly, twice as much food than I should have been eating. I could take down a large bag of chips in one sitting before I even realized what I was doing! Eat it and hide it (oh the stories of eating and hiding the evidence). Even back then I was a food addict. There I said it … Food addiction is real.

Let’s talk weight loss programs … You name it, I have probably tried it, with the exception of weight loss surgery, which by the way, my doctor had suggested to me on more than one occasion. Here is the short list, Jenny Craig, MediFast, Phen-Fen (medication), Slim Fast, starvation (basically one meal per day in my teen years, protein and green beans), and Weight Watchers more times than I can count. I lost on all of them, but gained it right back, plus a few extra pounds for good measure.

Weight Watchers is by far the most successful for me. I reached goal and kept it off for a year or so, which is monumental for me!!!

I know what many are thinking right about now … “You reached goal … How could you ALLOW yourself gain it all back, and more than once?” This is not meant to be an excuse, because I am over that! Here is the scenario with the last huge weight loss … I had ankle surgery that kept me off my feet for a long while. I had turned to food out of boredom and feeling sorry for myself. Food comforted me; I had a love affair with it!!


Moving on, I was pretty much stuck in my house. I was non-weight bearing on that foot for six weeks. It was just too much effort to do much of anything. In the coarse of a year, I gained all my weight back, and, of course, a couple extra for good measure. I was miserable! I know what it feels like to be at an “acceptable weight” for my body. Funny how a moment of clarity changes your life. I decided not to live another second looking back and am going to get this extra baggage off my body!

I believe there are many reasons why some of us turn to food for comfort. What is hard is examining the “why.” It’s is uncomfortable! Take the time to find your why! It will be life altering, I promise, and it will aid in your journey!

I am a lifetime member who is bound and determined to reach goal again. I know my “why.” Your “why” belongs to you! You don’t have to share it with anyone!! I have an amazing support system and many cheerleaders in my corner. Sometimes, it takes a village to help us along the way. I want to be a person in that village for anyone who needs it!

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