He’s About To Show You How To Easily Vacuum-Seal Food Without Any Technology


Saving food and saving money are hot topics during these tough economic times. You can find creative ideas on the internet for what to do with leftovers. One way to try and save money is by food when it is on sale and store it. One way to prevent food from being wasted is to freeze it. But it can be tricky.

If the food isn’t, properly sealed, it will get freezer burn – and will be thrown out. You can buy a vacuum sealer, though, and that will help prevent freezer burn. You can find some that are about $40, but the more professional grade ones can reach up to $1,500! The video below will show you how to get all the air out of a freezer bag and help prevent freezer burn – and all you need is a pot of water.


Watch the video below:

Science is so cool! This is so awesome I’m sure I’ll never have that issue again! Share if this was helpful, people!



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