Groomer kicks dog and breaks its ribs, serves no jail time …


Groomer at a Vet Office Kicked This Corgi So Many Times, His Ribs Were Broken. He Served No Jail Time. Please Share to Put some Heat on the Situation!
This is Absolutely Disgusting …

This is disturbing! Now, we have to worry about people taking care of our animals. I am an animal lover and truly feel this dude should have served jail time. Call me crazy, but any human who tortures an animal for no reason would probably do the same to a human! This should be shared to let every dog owner know and maybe there can be some heat on this guy!

22-year-old dog groomer, Lucas Van Orden V, was originally sentenced to two years of probation – only after he pleaded guilty. He kicked Jasper, a canine residing at the Creature Comfort Vet Center in Iowa during a grooming session – resulting in many broken ribs, a pair of badly-bruised lungs as well as subcutaneous emphysema. Jasper was in intensive care for several days.

via USA Today, ‘In a conversation on reddit, the owners, whom police did not identify, said that their dog, a corgi named Jasper, indicated he was in pain immediately after being picked up from the groomer. He walked slowly with his ears down, wouldn’t jump in the car as usual and screamed in pain when his owners tried to pick him up.’


Lucas Van Orden IV calls himself practice manager at the veterinarian’s office for almost 20 years, according to his LinkedIn listing.



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