Great news: New law allows pets to be buried next to their humans in cemeteries


The powerful bond between human and their pet is undeniable. There’s just something precious and untainted about it — animals can truly be our best friends, in the truest sense of the expression.

Despite this, we continue to denigrate people’s pain when they lose a lost one — and often forget pets suffer as well when they lose their owners.

And this pattern seems to perpetuate even after death.

While humans could always choose to be buried in a pet cemetery next to their beloved pet, the other way around, until now, was not permissible.

But the state of New York has come with a groundbreaking new law that truly recognizes just how deep the pet/owner bond can go: furry friends can now be buried alongside their owners across the state.

Anyone who owns or has ever owned and loved a pet knows just how much these furry creatures become true members of the family.

New York’s new state law recognizes this and will at last permit pet owners to lay eternally next to these beloved members of their family. The pets include a wide range of animals — not just cats or dogs.

What a sweet way to recognize just how deep the bond goes!


Certain cemeteries, such as religious cemeteries are exempt from the ruling, and the cemetery must approve the request. But for the most part, humans who choose so may opt to rest in peace alongside their dear pets for eternity.

Now we can only hope that more states will soon follow suit!

I can think of a few people that would love to hear about this right away. Please share the amazing news with all your family and friends — and all the pet lovers you know!



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