GOLDEN List of Carbs That Actually Will HELP You Flush Those Extra Pounds!


These days, it’s not uncommon to see the term “low carb” appear in diet ads on television, the internet, and the radio. As a result of this marketing slant, many individuals now believe that carbs contribute to weight gain and that they must avoid this food type in order to shed excess pounds. Yet as noted in Forbes magazine, there are many carbs that can help you lose weight. Here are seven of them :


Most of the people do not consume this food during their diet regimens because this type of food is full of carbs. This powerful food is also rich in fiber and protein – excellent sources of energy and promoting the development of ab muscles. You can decrease the susceptibility to heart disease by consuming oatmeal (it is consisted of soluble fiber).


Chickpeas, peas, beans and lentils can do wonders in the process of weight loss. The most effective and fast diets contain legumes in their content. The consumption of legumes reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and improves systolic blood pressure. By combining them into your salads, raw, steamed or cooked, you can consume these extremely healthy veggies.


Many people feel deprived so they do not success to lose weight. You should find nutritious and delicious foods that help in weight loss. Cherries are one of the fruits that will significantly boost the process of weight loss.



When you are trying to lose weight, bananas are great go-to-go carb. These fruits are rich in potassium which decrease the water retention in the body and improve the heart health. Stomach bloating can be successfully fought by eating bananas. They prevent sugar crashes, optimize muscle recovery and energize the body.

5.Sweet Potatoes

If you really want to get rid of the excess pounds you should consume this excellent vegetable. The large amounts in carotenoids in its content stabilize blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. These effects prevent the storing of fat into the body. The presence of Vitamin A, B6 and Vitamin C energize the body.


This food should be at the top of the food list when we talk about the process of weight loss. It is one of the richest sources of fiber which decreases the likelihood that you will overeat because it promotes feeling of fullness.

The latest study has shown relations between belly fat reduction and fiber intake. The presence of antioxidant flavanoids improve your overall health and help you get rid of the excess pounds effectively.

7.Broccoli :


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