Easiest Pecan Bars “EVER”


The Best Ever Pecan Pie Bars are so good people offer to pay me for them. A fabulous recipe with a caramelized pecan pie set atop a shortbread crust is the absolute perfect nut bar. My family requests more of this dessert than any other every year.

Well, it is officially November and around here that means it’s baking season!


Every Christmas I ask our families what they would like to see in the homemade gifts that we give each year.  My family always says the same thing.  “Lots and lots of your pecan bars.”


A vanilla shortbread crust is the base for this amazing treat.  2 pounds of pecans and brown sugar guarantee that this will be a very nutty sweet treat.


Interestingly, this is an adapted version of the recipe that started it all. In the fall of 2006, after dating for nearly 10 years, Chad and I were busy preparing for our Christmas wedding.


Needless to say, holiday baking wasn’t in the plans, but my mom insisted I had to make these pecan squares that she had gotten from a friend at work.
We lived 2,300 miles apart. So, I wrote down the recipe, planning to make them soon. Let me tell you; those pecan squares were amazing.
At the time I had no idea who the author was, but that one recipe would soon change my world.
It wasn’t long after that I was flipping through the channels, and I landed on a woman making the same pecan square recipe that my mom gave me. I stopped, remembering how delicious they were. Her name was Ina Garten.
She had a Long Island accent and a warm laugh that reminded me of my mom. She had a way about her that drew me in. So, I watched, and I learned. A passion was ignited in me to get into the kitchen and try new things.
I started outfitting my kitchen with new tools and getting creative with my food. Before long I found my family and friends were texting me and asking for recipes for my newest creations.
You’ll NEED:



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