Dog ‘hugs’ injured owner as he waits for ambulance


OMG! 🙁 this is heartbreaking

A man who suffered a bad fall while pruning a tree regained consciousness feeling the warm weight of his dog Tony on him. With his snout and paws firmly on his owner’s chest, the dog didn’t move from the man’s side — not even when the emergency crew arrived.

Jesús Heuche, who is recovering from a head injury, said Tony would not let the paramedics or police get close to him. “He thought they wanted to do something [bad] to me,” Heuche told reporters.

The tender image of the two lying on the asphalt after Monday’s accident in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, quickly went viral.


The 28-year-old man said he was finishing up the last branches when he lost his balance and fell 6½ feet, head-first.

“I woke up because I had my son, the dog, on top of me,” he told Cadena3.

Heuche said Tony accompanies him everywhere he goes.

“I give him all my love and he gives me everything back,” said Heuche, who picked up Tony from the streets four years ago.



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