Doctors Won’t Tell You This – Cheap Way to Get Rid of the Head Lice Almost Instantly!


Lice is probably the first thing that pops in your mind every time you see a child scratching its head. The worst part of having lice is their removal.
They don’t have wings and feed on blood. Oh, yes, they are highly contagious.
Lice are common in adults, too. However, children are a more common “target group,” mostly because they always hug and play together in kindergartens and school. Lice aren’t deadly, but they sure can cause a nasty inflammation and itchiness.
Lice multiply rapidly, and there is always a risk of infection.
Anti-lice shampoos cost a small treasure and don’t eliminate lice completely. You may spend hours combing your hair, they will always leave eggs behind. That’s why we suggest that you try our home remedy, and say ‘goodbye’ to lice!


Here’s what you need:
Lice comb
White vinegar
Shower cap/Plastic bag

First, rinse your head with the mouthwash. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag, and put on the shower cap. Let the mouthwash work for an hour. Lice don’t really like the smell of spearmint.
Rinse your hair with white vinegar to remove any lice eggs. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag again, and put on the shower cap. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo, and comb it with the lice comb.
Always spray your hair with mouthwash before you go out. The same applies to your child. Do this before it goes to school.
This is an efficient treatment, and there is no side-effects. Your child won’t be exposed to all the chemicals contained in commercial products.



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