DIY Foot Reflexology: 7 Pressure Points To Reduce Stress & Boost Metabolism DIY Foot Reflexology: 7 Pressure Points To Reduce Stress & Boost Metabolism


You maybe don’t know, but there are thousands of nerve endings on human feet. Can you imagine that massaging certain points on your feet can help you not only to relax, but also to improve your whole body work? By pressing certain points, you can connect to your hypothalamus, thyroid and other organs.

It only takes a few minutes, massage your feet with your big finger and index finger and enjoy yourself. It’s an interesting procedure that will bring you into a state of bliss.

Parts of the foot that are linked with the organs of our body:



  • If you have a problem with overweight, act on the hypothalamus by massaging your big toe. Pressing this point helps in controlling appetite.
  • Massage the center of the large thumb, if you have any hormone imbalance (pituitary gland).
  • Basically, the big toe is an area that is equivalent to massage the thyroid gland. Thyroid balances body metabolism and massaging this area is useful to everyone, especially if you’re under stress.
  • Relief from stress and tension by massaging foot center, which is connected with the diaphragm.
  • If you want your energy levels high, massage the inner edge of the foot (adrenal gland), closer to the center. The adrenal glands help to maintain your energy levels to burn off calories.
  • Massaging feet in areas closer to the fifth, you activate the excretory system and relieve excess fluids from your body, meaning toxins won’t stay long and poison your body.
  • Massage the bottom of the foot (colon and intestines) to stimulate elimination and relieve bloating.

Give yourself a gift at the end of a long day, massage your own feet. The result will inspire you to repeat this pleasant procedure every day.



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