Bus driver picks up kids early in the morning as usual – then parents discover kids aren’t at school


Black ice is dangerous. If you’ve ever tried to walk or drive on it you’ll know this.

Which is why it was of little surprise to parents when Shelby County notified parents that school would be delayed in an effort to wait for it to melt from the roads.

Unfortunately, bus driver Wayne Price didn’t get the message in time. He’d already picked up all of his students, and knew returning them to their homes would only serve to increase the chances of an accident. So, instead, he did something entirely different …

Wary of parking the vehicle up and letting the kids turn to their smartphones for two hours, he knew he had to do something to keep them occupied.

His actions might not have been exactly to the letter, but they hardly came as a surprise to officials at Montevallo Elementary School in Montevallo, Alabama.

Flickr/cappi thompson

You see, they know Wayne; they know how cheeky he can be.


Little did the children know, however, what was in store for them. When they swung into a local McDonald’s they must have questioned whether Wayne had lost his mind.


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