BLT Dip!



Serves: 8
Smartpoints: 6

I can’t even express to you how obsessed I am with this BLT dip. One of my co-workers at my old job made the pre-lightened up version of this for an office potluck and it was practically devoured before everyone had even made it out of their offices to eat. I begged him for the recipe, and since then I have made this BLT dip for tons of occasions and every time people have raved about it. It’s just that good. Super cheesy with smoky bacon, juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce. It tastes like an absolute indulgence.

Every time I’ve made this I’ve played around with lightening it up, and today’s post is the finished product. It tastes every bit as decadent as the original, but it’ll only set you back 134 calories or 5 Weight Watchers SmartPoints on myWW Green, Blue or Purple for 1/3 cup. That’s a steal! I typically serve this dip with baked tortilla chips, but crostini, pita chips, pretzel thins, crusty bread or any other dipper would also be delicious. I even spread some of this dip on a barbecue chicken breast and had it for lunch today and it was a magical pairing.


If you want a crazy delicious dish, get to the kitchen right now and prepare this BLT dip! So many flavors that go insanely good together. Trust me when I say, eating this dish is such a pleasure.

Our editorial team devoured this dip in seconds. It truly tastes like a BLT sandwich in a bowl. And the chips are to die for.
You’ll Need:

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