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Baked Potato Wedges are one of my families favorite side dishes! This garlic parmesan version is so easy to make and they have such an irresistible flavor. So good they might just become a new go-to side dish!


What I Love About These Baked Potatoes Wedges

I love how the parmesan that they’re coating in helps the outsides become nice and crisp while the insides say perfectly soft and tender.

Plus I love the flavor cheese adds and the hints of garlic.

A Healthier French Fry

These are perfect for those times when you’ve got a french fry craving but don’t want to splurge so much.

They’re baked (or technically roasted) instead of fried and they’re coated with olive oil instead of using the traditional vegetable oil used for french fries.

I mean, these things are good enough that you’ll forget all about that main dish. Pass more potatoes wedges please and thank you!


You’ll Need:

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