At the age of 92, the Gerber Baby Model Is Still Cuter Than Ever


Ann Turner Cook is a professional mystery author who also spent time working as an English teacher. However, that was not the reason behind her fame as you may initially think. The real reason is some drawings of her face when she was only a tiny baby.

She is in fact the famous Gerber Baby that appeared on baby food jars for nearly ninety years after winning a content in 1928. The drawing of baby Ann were completed in 1931 by her neighbour, Dorothy Smith and then become the official trademark for the brand Gerber.


People from all over the globe recognise the baby face as it still remains on Gerber packaging until this date.

Initially, when the drawing came out, for nearly four decades no one knew that it was Ann, bar a few members of her family. But in 1978, the Gerber brand disclosed the name of the baby that the world had long been accustomed to on baby food packaging.

Even at the age of 92, you can still see the resemblance between baby Ann and her now. She still has wide eyes and an adorable smile. Ann celebrated her 92 birthday on 20 November 2018.

Ann has also managed to meet some other babies that have been used by Gerber in their branding such as baby Lucas Warren.

Lucas at the age of 1, became the first to represent the Geber brand with Down’s Syndrome. Ann met Lucas and his family in Tampa. He waved and smiled at Ann and his parents were delighted by Ann’s warmth towards their son.

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