Amish One Pan Ground Beef and Cabbage Skillet is one of my favorite ground beef and cabbage recipes that’s budget-friendly, uses just a few ingredients and is made in one pan – so little clean-up and it’s practically fool-proof.

I call this ground beef and cabbage recipe an Amish recipe because it’s inspired by their simple lifestyle and comforting recipes.


Every time we visit our family’s cabin in Montello, WI, I always have to make a stop at the Amish bakery and grocery store.

They make the most amazing cinnamon rolls, yogurt-covered pretzels, and pies homemade every day. Plus, the Amish lifestyle is completely fascinating to me.

There’s a small farm there that sells fresh produce from their garden. Rather than monitoring it all day, they simply set everything out in a shed and ask shoppers to leave money in a wooden box. HONESTY AND TRUST STILL EXISTS.

We’ve heard the farm is trying to raise money for a small girl’s Leukemia treatment, but we don’t exactly know if that’s true.

Nonetheless, I picked up a head of cabbage and a bunch of onions from the Amish farm, along with some grass-fed ground beef from the Madison farmer’s market. And by golly I made Amish One-Pan Ground Beef and Cabbage Skillet.


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