There are over 200,000 species of fungi, among them a hundred can affect humans. Known under the term mycosis, they cover very different realities. Fungal infections can be classified according to the affected organs. Therefore, when the skin and nails are affected, it is called superficial mycoses.

Conversely, when the fungus is present in the blood and can affect any organ, it is called deep mycosis (or systemic).

These cases are much more troubling, especially in immunocompromised individuals, that is, whose natural defenses weaken. Before I talk about the natural remedy that can help you with the fungus problem … I want to tell you about some types of fungi that are responsible for infections in humans … it is always good some knowledge about the “enemy” that we are going to attack.

Candida fungi cover more than 200 species, including 20, which is pathogenic to humans. It is found in both the skin and the mucous membranes. These infections benefit from an imbalance of the skin environment (microbial environment, acidity, nutrient concentration). Candidiasis of the skin reaches mainly areas of sweat: groin, armpits, interdigital areas, etc. Mucous as the oral cavity, female genital mucosa, and esophagus.

Ringworm is caused by fungi called dermatophytes, including three species: Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton.

These fungal infections are transmitted by an infected person or animal. To grow, they need keratin, found on the skin, nails and hair. When they reach the scalp it is called ringworm (it is contagious). Athlete’s foot (or intertrigo) is a fungus between the toes. Nails can also become infected, we talk about onychomycosis.


Tina Versicolor:
At the origin of this very common fungus include yeast Malassezia furfur (also known furfur Microsporon or orbicular Pitysporum). Tinea versicolor infection is characterized by the appearance of small brown spots or spots on the chest, shoulders, neck or back. This condition tends to proliferate in summer.

Apple vinegar
Apple cider vinegar, also known simply as cider vinegar, is used in a variety of foods. It is also known for its natural medicinal properties, including bringing your body into healthy balance when one is faced with candida. Apple cider vinegar can reduce the production of fungi associated with candidiasis, dermatitis, dandruff and a weakened immune system.

To take advantage of the antifungal benefits you can do the following:

• Mix cider vinegar in dressings for salads, pickles, cold tomato soup salads and gazpacho, a cold vegetable. This is to consume the vinegar daily and fight the infections of the mucosa.
• Take once a day 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass with water. It will help you eliminate and clean your body from within.
• For an infection on the outside you can put it topically by mixing 70% ethyl alcohol with apple vinegar in equal parts and placing it directly on the affected area.

• Or you can put it directly without mixing in the affected area; Apply with a dropper.

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