A Psychologist Explains The Best Way To Rewire The Brain To Let Go Of Negative Thoughts


Positivity attracts positivity, and positive thinking leads to a happy and fulfilling life.

We are all aware of this fact, but how to become positive when your mind is constantly stuck on the negativity in life? And how to manage this without the help of alcohol or medication, in a completely natural and safe way?

This issue puzzled the professional people watcher Alison Ledgerwood too, so when she started publishing her papers, she noticed that the rejection of a paper weighed on her mind long afterward, even in cases another paper of hers was accepted.

Apparently, failure remains in our minds much longer than success, and this social psychologist tried to offer the needed answers.

She claims that we all know that some people see the glass half empty, while others regard it as half full. People can have different attitudes in life, depending on the way they feel in a certain situation.

Yet, she conducted several experiments to discover if we are able to switch the way we think, or we are stuck on a certain level. One of her experiments was done on individuals who were told about a new surgical procedure.

While one group was informed in terms of the gains (70% success rate), the others were told in terms of losses (30% failure rate). The first group likes the procedure much more, unsurprisingly, but when they found out that there is a 30% failure rate, they immediately changed their opinion.


Yet, when the second group participants were told that there is a 70% success rate, they remained stuck in the initial frame, and still didn’t like the procedure.

Alison Ledgerwood explains that these studies prove that our view of the world has a fundamental tendency to tilt towards the negative. It is much easier to go from good to bad, than vice versa.

Therefore, it needs efforts and hard work to train the brain to think positively.

The findings of the research conducted at U.C Davis indicate that just writing down the things one is grateful for a few minutes daily drastically boost the happiness and wellbeing.

Moreover, while many people complain all the time, and get addicted to it, we should start sharing the good news with others. This is exactly what the minds need to practice, to reshape the stories and make them more positive.

You should start with a gratitude journal, where you will write down all your joys. Additionally, start thinking from the perspective of others, and avoid any mean comments, as they can stick with them for days.

Start forgiving, and immediately move on. The acts of kindness will lead to amazing positive effects! Be thankful, forgive, and retrain your mind, so you can enjoy every single moment in life and experience all its miracles and joys!



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