A 5-Day 1500-Calorie Diet Meal Plan That Can Help Reduce Some Pounds


The 1500-calorie meal plan offers delicious and nutritionally balanced meals for weight loss. It is recommended for lightly active people with the body weight around 150 pounds (68kg). If you’re a very active person, you should add back the calories you burn through your daily workout.


Nowadays millions of people have problems with overweight. Losing the extra pounds can be a really difficult process. It needs a proper diet and exhausting workouts. Many of us just give up our dream for a perfect body and continue the bad lifestyle. Sometimes it sounds unbelievable to reduce the pounds with easy diets. But it can happen. You just need to find the right diet plan for you and be consistent. The results will be noticeable after only several mounts. Here we are going to give you a 5- day 1500 calorie diet meal plan which can help you lose the extra weight. Numerous of people are satisfied with the results and recommend it to us. You don’t have anything to lose besides your weight. So don’t think twice start it from today.

Here is the meal plan you should follow until you get the result you want:

DAY 1:



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