9 Core Exercises That Get You Closer to Six-Pack Abs


Our eyes are almost instantly attracted to the abdominal area of a person at the gym or at the beach, as the abdominal muscles are the central area of the body, and are a major indication of top level fitness and conditioning.

They are not just being impressive, but toned abdominal muscles are a clear sign of a strong and functional body.

Achieving 6-pack abs requires consistency in healthy eating, cardiovascular training, and effective training regimen that will sculpt this area. Well, it is about time to start if you are willing to obtain your 6-pack for this summer.

We suggest a set of 10 exercises that will help you achieve this goal:

Sit-Ups with a Medicine Ball

Lay on the floor with the knees bend, and a medicine ball lifted overhead. Then, elevate the core back to a sitting position, while keeping the ball over your head.

Kneeling Crunch


Start kneeling, with the right arm stabilized directly under the shoulder.  Reach the other arm forward, and the right leg back at hip height. Breathe out, try to contract the abs, and round back up to the ceiling while drawing your elbow to the knee. Repeat on the other side.

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Toe Dip

Sit with both knees bend in front of you, and lean back onto the elbows with the shoulder blades down and together. Tighten the abs, and slid the hands under the lower back.

Raise the legs while the knees are bent over the hips with the calves parallel to the floor. Breathe in, and dip the toes to the mat, keeping the right angles at the knees. Exhale, return to the initial position and repeat.

Dead Bug

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