7 Surprising Food Swaps that can Immediately Improve Your Blood Sugar and Energy


The Standard American Diet is horrible and it contributes to development of many serious health issues. In an attempt to help you improve your plate and thus improve your health, we`ve decided to present 30 simple swaps! Check them out!

1.Sweet potato “toast”

One of the reasons people buy bread is so they can have toast. Can you believe sweet potatoes offer a solution for people seeking to cut more carbs by ditching their toast?

As registered dietitian Stephanie Middleberg, who founded Middleburg Nutrition, explains, sweet potatoes contain more fiber than whole wheat bread, plus they’re not processed. Further, they come with high amounts of vitamins A and C, potassium and magnesium.

Peel your sweet potato, slice it up and pop the slices in the toaster. Afterward, you can top it with any number of flavors to suit your taste. Eggs, nut butter, wild Alaskan salmon salad, brie — be inventive!

2.Mashed turnips

While turnips are a starchy vegetable like potatoes, they contain only two-thirds of the calories. At the same time, you get lots of fiber to keep things moving smoothly through your colon — 8 grams in a single-cup serving — vitamins A, C and K, and antioxidants to help fight disease.

They’re simple to prepare: Wash, peel and steam them, or bake them like squash or traditional potatoes and scoop out the insides. Just like their more familiar counterparts, adding a bit of grass-fed raw milk, butter and cheese provides a delicious side dish.

3.Fava bean flour

Fava beans, sometimes known as broad beans, come in a pod similar to green beans. In the pod, they’re tender and tasty when they’re young but become bitter when they’re mature, so it’s best to remove the pod and release the beans inside to use in a myriad of recipes, including salads.


However, they also come in the form of flour, simply ground fine as an excellent alternative to conventional all-purpose flour.

Fava beans are an excellent source of folic acid and a good source of potassium, magnesium, minerals and antioxidants, but they’re also high in protein and fiber. Best of all fava bean flour works well in nearly every recipe that requires flour.

4.Lettuce wraps

Trendy restaurants have been wrapping chicken, turkey and veggies in lettuce for several years, but individuals at home have the same option, along with a variety of other greens, to cut down on the white bread that is an unfortunate hands-down favorite of many sandwich eaters.

Try seasoned white beans in kale leaves topped with marinara. Registered dietitian and nutritionist Marisa Moore said, “Collard greens, kale, chard and lettuce leaves are a nutritious way to cut calories on sandwiches and a good replacement for taco ‘shells’ too.”2

She added that this type of veggies-for-grains swapping can save as much as 300 calories in one meal.


Sandwiches are a convenient option for a quick meal. Bread is the obvious go-to for the outer portion for many, but a fun way to make the swap is to replace the bread with apple slices.

Cut an apple so that you have two circular slices about a quarter-inch thick and spread each slice with nut butter. Then top each layer with additions like pumpkin seeds, cinnamon or dried cherries. When you press them together, the nut butter keeps the extras from falling out.


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