7 Reasons Why “The Threes” Are More Terrible Than “The Twos”


Which age do you think is most challenging?

Two-year-olds get a bad rap. They’re terrible, and everyone knows it, after all.

But maybe it’s only because you don’t know what’s waiting for you in the threes, and really…there should be something worse than “terrible” to describe what you’ll find waiting for you at the end of twenty-four months. Here are 7 supporting reasons why this is totally, horrifyingly true.

Sorry to those of you who thought you were leaving the worst of toddlerhood behind with a third birthday. I will be joining your ranks soon enough.

#7. Baths

Baths become epic events that require eleven towels, a second outfit for Mom, and possibly a wet/dry vac for the bathroom.


#6. Verbal Ability

Three-year-olds can talk much better than two-year-olds…and they never stop.

#5. They’re Harder To Distract

No more will a handful of raisins ensure a peaceful trip to the grocery store or a walk around the neighborhood.

#4. Fits

Two-year-olds cry. Three-year-olds need a certified exorcist.

#3. Dressing

Forget about your kid looking cute or having matching socks, just pray they’re wearing pants.

#2. Meals

Three-year-olds have OPINIONS, and they are generally OPPOSED to any food that hasn’t been fried or processed.

#1. Independence

When they’re two, they’re still happy to let you do most things for them. Three-year-olds want to do everything for themselves, and at a snail’s pace to boot.

h/t: ScaryMommy



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