7 Foods That Put You to Sleep Instantly


Do you often have problems falling asleep? Maybe you just wake up in the middle of the night out of the blue? Not getting enough sleep can have a detrimental effect on your overall health and can lead to numerous health issues. Sleep disorders can often be caused by things like excessive stress, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and so on.

According to statistics more than 60% of the American population suffers from some kind of sleeping problem which often leads to other health problems as well. To maintain optimal health you need to get plenty of sleep, eat a balanced diet and exercise on a regular basis. But how to get enough sleep if you can’t fall asleep? Well, we’ve got the answer, introduce the following foods in your diet and they’ll help you fall asleep like a baby!


Every evening before falling asleep eat a banana. If you’re a diabetic eat half so that your sugar doesn’t get elevated. Bananas abound in potassium which prevent leg cramps and magnesium which enables deep sleep and relaxes your muscles.



Studies show that salmon is abundant in omega 3 fatty acids which help you reduce stress and promote relaxation.  Salmon is also rich in vitamin B6 which stimulate melatonin release, the hormone that helps you fall asleep. The high protein content will keep you satiated during the night and prevent you wake up hungry. Studies show that people who regularly eat salmon, at least once a week, have elevated vitamin D level, sleep better, sleep more and wake up easier.

Herbal tea

Herbal teas are known to improve sleep quality but not all teas are beneficial for this. Chamomile tea is the best choice for sleeping disorders as it’s rich in apigenin, a flavonoid with soothing effects. Lavender, mint and valerian tea can also help you relax, while green or black tea is not suitable before bedtime as they may have the opposite effect.




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