6-year-old girl fights for life after classmate’s sick game – now her mom is sending a heartbreaking message…


Bullying in schools is an issue that affects one in five children. These numbers are devastating and speak volumes about the failure to educate our children to treat others with respect. It consists of certain hurtful behaviors directed towards one person which are repeated over and over again. Bullying comes in the form of constant teasing, spreading rumors about the victim, attacking by hitting or yelling, and more.

The victims of bullying are affected to the extent that it leaves mark in their life years after the attacks take place. It undermines their self-confidence and they may starts seeing themselves as less worth than the rest of the peers.

Some of the consequences of bullying that the person affected experiences are the following: social isolation, sleeping problems, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms such as headaches and stomachaches, poor school performance, and in a worst case scenario, even suicide.

Even though we can experience this type of behavior at any stage of our life, when we are older we find ways to cope with it, but kids and students are more vulnerable and unable to find a way out.

Sofia Golledge is only six years old, and she has experienced the devastating effects of being a victim of bullying. This young girl developed severe anxiety, and her mother Carrie shares her story.

Powerful Low Key Shot of a Sad Young Blonde Child

Every day of Sophia’s life was a struggle. She would spend hours crying and gathering strength to return to school the following day.

“Things were so bad by the end of the summer term that Sophia was out of school for a couple of weeks because her sickness was so severe — she would be up all night and vomiting 20 times an hour,” the mother told The Mirror.

Ultimately, Sophia’s entire body gave up — all because of her classmates’ constant bullying and harassment.

“She’d be in so much pain and because her upset stomach was so violent, it would lead to a water infection and her body struggled,” the mom added. “We’ve had her in hospital with high fevers which they’ve struggled to control.”

The bully was Sophia’s “best friend” who would tell her what to do, when and what to eat, and who to talk to. She was so manipulative that the whole thing was stressing Sophia so much that her body and brain were about to become paralyzed and she became apathetic.

Carrie posted the story along with a picture of her daughter feeling exhausted in the hospital bed.

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