6 Effective Exercises That Can Help Tighten The Butt And Legs


Let’s start with your interpretation of beauty. If you want to seriously hit sports and have pumped up, masculine legs, then you have a direct road to the gym. To achieve such results, you need to gain a lot of weight and then to shape your legs. However, we believe that this is not your aim.

If you just want to get rid of excess fat on your legs and buttocks; make them slim and fit, then boldly follow all the advices we have listed for you below.

You should completely eliminate from your diet sweet and flour products. You should forget about “bad carbohydrates”, since they damage your figure so much. Stop eating cakes not only at night, but at any time of the day, especially strictly after this, you should follow at first, when you are just starting your training. In exchange for all this, start eating all sorts of porridges, fruits and vegetables.

Other than eating good food, you need to do right exercises. So, check out 6 exercises that can help tighten the butt and legs.

#1. Single Leg Hip Thrust with Chair

#2. Step Up to Chair


#3. Frog Jump

#4. Squats

#5. Side Lunge

#6. Pilates Swimming

Train more often, at least 3 times a week. First start with 1-2 minute workout of each exercises, next time 2-3 minute, till you reach 4-5 minutes and then you should see some good results! Share with your family and friends.


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