5 Types Of Tummies And How To Get Rid Of Each Of Them


Don’t we all feel absolutely uncomfortable when we feel that our tummies are jutting out a little too much? How many dresses have we thrown to the back of the closet simply because the tummy becomes a little too obvious when they are worn!


And have you all noticed? When trying to lose weight, everything else sheds almost easily when compared to the amount of work that you need to do to lose all that stubborn fat around the belly! Be it, men or women, no one likes to have a belly that is big and protruding. But the problem is, no matter how hard we work or what kind of workout regime we cut out for ourselves, belly fat just seems to be a recurring problem and almost nightmarish. It is also the most problematic as it can give rise to health issues as well.

However, have you ever thought about the fact that the reason we cannot get our belly fat to go is due to us not treating it the right way? The first point to remember here is that there are actually different types of belly fats, which are each caused by different reasons. And unless you know the cause, how can you bid goodbye to the tummy flab?

Hence if you’ve ever wondered what could be the criminal behind your muffin top – we’ve cracked it all! Here’s a list of the various different types of belly fat, their causes, and what must be done in order to get rid of them effectively.

1. Belly Caused By Alcohol



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