5 Silent Diabetes Symptoms You’ve Never Heard Of Before


Diabetes is a condition that has gathered a lot of acclaim among the general public. Whether this is fortunate or not, most people know that this is a condition that affects about 30 million Americans as we speak, and that it makes a imbalance in your blood sugar levels.

Lots of people also know that the treatment involves a balanced-out diet, as well as proper exercise.

A lot of people are also familiar with other common symptoms like going to the bathroom very often, experiencing blurry vision, your wounds heal very slowly, as well as feeling thirstier than average.

But, actually, no one stop to read about other symptoms that people with diabetes get to deal with. Also, these symptoms can serve as clues about diabetes development that the person doesn’t even know of.

That’s why it’s important to know about them so you can be able to spot them on time. Read about all of the symptoms below.

5 Undercover Diabetes Symptoms
1. Changed Hearing
Have you noticed turning up the TV volume a lot more often than before? This could be a sign of diabetes. Prediabetes can trigger hearing loss, or having trouble hearing. Almost 30% of people right under the diabetes scale experience hearing loss.

This makes it not an uncommon symptom.

If you’re having trouble with this make sure to check out the other symptoms to make sure what’s going on. This phenomenon happens because your nerves and blood vessels suffer through some damage because of diabetes.

2. Better Vision?
Strangely enough, if you are experiencing diabetes symptoms, there could be days where your vision could get better and you won’t even need glasses if you wear them on the regular. There could also be days where your eyesight worsens.


This is because the amount of fluid in your body changes because of the misbalance the condition creates.

3. Your Skin is Changing For The Worse
It’s already common knowledge that our skin ages with time as much as we do. Since no one can escape the power of time, we don’t really pay any attention to the changes on our skin. But, if you get dark patches around your skin that are a dark colored, it’s time to take action.

Acanthosis nigricans is the name of the condition that triggers these changes on your skin. Make sure to get checked and to speak to a professional about the issue. Melanin is to blame for the skin pigmentation.

4. You Feel Itchy
If you keep feeling itchy for no reason at all, and if you feel little to no relief by actually taking care of the itchiness, this could be due to the diabetes symptoms. This is because of the trouble your system is having with blood circulation.

If you’ve tried it all and nothing is helping, make sure to speak to a doctor about this issue.

Just because diabetes is a common disease, it doesn’t mean you already know everything about it. Make sure to ask questions and always get checked if something is not quite right.

5. Your Wounds Keep Not Healing
There have been cases of people getting mosquito bites that turn into big sores on the skin that people can get rid of.

This is because hyperglycemia interacts with how much oxygen you have in your blood, and it interferes with the healing on the wounds on your skin. This could possibly serve as a red flag for diabetes.


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