5 Warning Signs of A Stroke You Must Know!


We’ve already discussed about the most common signs of stroke, but scientists have determined a new indicator. Make sure you spread the good word with others, and you may even help someone’s life.

Your tongue can actually warn you, and even help you prevent stroke.

We give you the story of Jane. She fell while having fun at a family event, but she was feeling right at the moment. Jane claimed that her new shoes were the reason she stumbled.

Although Jane seemed to be fine for the rest of the evening, her husband called everyone later that night. He told the family that Jane was taken to hospital, and eventually she dies.


Doctors said that Jane had suffered a stroke earlier that day. It was hard to believe this, because Jane looked healthy and stable. But, people can’t recognize the symptoms of stroke. That’s why we decided to write this article.

A renowned neurologist said that symptoms of stroke can be reversed within 3 hours if medics act quickly. Stroke should be recognized and diagnosed.

How to identify a stroke?


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