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30 SmartPoints vegetarian menu


Wondering what SmartPoints food to eat as a vegetarian? Try the delicious ideas on our sample plan for a day. It all adds up to 30 SmartPoints!

Breakfast: Granola & Greek yogurt pot with maple raspberries (6 SmartPoints)
We love this one – crunchy granola and creamy yogurt perfectly balanced with zingy raspberries

Snack: Roasted garlic, butter bean and rosemary dip (3 SmartPoints)
Try this wonderful houmous-style dip with crudités. It’s quick, easy and terrifically tasty!

Lunch: Herby vegetable hash with poached eggs (6 SmartPoints)
We’ve mixed these sweet, waxy little spuds with lots of fresh herbs to make a delicious hash.


Snack: Cottage cheese & marmite on crispbread (3 SmartPoints)
For when you fancy something with crunch…

Dinner: Mixed mushroom & thyme buckwheat risotto (7 SmartPoints)
This delicious risotto uses buckwheat instead of rice – it’s from our new No Count cookbook, out now!

Dessert:  Orange & lemon custards with apple crisps (5 SmartPoints)
Custards are very easy to make and need no attention while they’re baking. Serve them with these apple ‘crisps’.


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