3-yr-old hospitalized with severe injuries from playing with “harmless” toy – mom now cautions other parents.


For most little girls one of their favorite pastimes is playing dress up and applying make-up. We see our mothers using it to beautify themselves, therefore we too want to imitate them.

What we should be asking ourselves, is it harmful to them as it may not completely seem that way. However, this mother urges parents to be more careful as she explains her daughter mishap which has gone viral online.

Lydia Craven is a concerned and outraged mother who wants other parents to know exactly why, after she purchased a makeup set for her 3-year-old daughter to play with.

The young girl’s skin had a disturbing reaction after applying the make up to her face.

Lydia explains what happened in a Facebook post:

“I’m making this post because I feel like it is very important to remind parents to be very careful about what we allow our children to have. For Tony and I this was definitely an eye-opener, and we will be more cautious about acknowledging ingredients and educating ourselves on what is good and bad before purchasing from here on out.

About 8 days ago we bought this makeup set from the Family Dollar here in town… Thinking it was harmless….non makeup set and having bought Lydia this same type of this..just different brand..we never imagined after spending the day applying to her eyes and lips that our worst nightmare would come true”

It can be a difficult time as a parent when your child is sick or hurt.

It turns out she had a severe allergic reaction from the product they purchased. Her lips cracked and became extremely sore as a rash broke out all over her little body.


Lydia was informed she would need to remain in hospital to be monitored. She stayed there for a week to recover and regain her energy as she couldn’t eat for a couple of days.

The children’s beauty set that she bought actually contained a number of chemicals that are known to cause allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin, according to her Facebook post.

Lydia’s full post can be seen in the picture included below:

“PLEASE be aware of what you are letting your babies have….ESPECIALLY kids cosmetics…so this doesn’t happen to your child…”

Kylie aims to send a warning to all parents who buy such products for their children.

An image of the makeup set purchased was also published by the mother.

It’s always important to read the label and check information please Share this post to remind others



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