Summer is almost here! This time of year can be exciting, especially for those of us who live in Alberta (because it’s finally warm out!), but it can also be anxiety provoking. Some of us may not feel quite ready to jump into our swim suits or summer dresses due to a few extra pounds that have crept on over the winter months. Because I do not believe in dieting or deprivation, I’ve included the top tips that I give my clients for healthy weight loss. They will help to support a healthy lifestyle and realistic weight loss, rather than quick and dirty weight loss that doesn’t last. Here are my favourite quick tips for realistic weight loss:

  1. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry
  2. Use smaller plates, bowls and wine/cocktail glasses
  3. Aim for at least 4 servings of vegetables per day
  4. Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up
  5. Always include a good source of protein with breakfast
  6. Decrease the amounts of white starchy grains that you eat and focus more on whole high fibre grains
  7. Don’t drink your calories- limit the amount of pop, juice and other sweetened beverages that you drink
  8. Don’t have tempting foods around- if they are there, you’ll eat them!
  9. Beware of the “See-Food Syndrome”: Remove treats and temptations from within eye-site
  10. Slow down when you are eating and enjoy your food. Try putting your utensils down in between bites
  11. Share an entree when you go out for dinner and start with a salad
  12. Ask the server to package up half of your meal before he/she brings in out
  13. Have a snack of veggies and hummus or fruit and yogurt before you go to a party or out for dinner- you will be more in control
  14. Always include protein in your meals and snacks– protein is the component of your meal that keeps you fuller longer and controls your appetite and blood sugar throughout the day
  15. Try eating every 3-4 hours instead of eating every 5-6
  16. Listen to your body- are you physically hungry or emotionally hungry?
  17. Move your body everyday in a way that makes you happy. Try to get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes
  18. Enjoy a treat or “bliss food” everyday in a moderate but satisfying amount. This will prevent you from “bingeing” on high sugar/high fat foods
  19. Don’t ignore your hunger cues- your body is telling you that you are hungry because it needs nourishment. If you ignore your physical hunger cues, you are more likely to over consume at your next meal or snack
  20. Skip breakfast cereal- try a more filling and satisfying breakfast such as oatmeal with milk and fruit, eggs, fruit and whole grain toast or a fruit and yogurt smoothie and a high fibre muffin
  21. Make your breakfast and lunch the larger meals of your day and your supper a smaller meal
  22. Let your physical hunger determine when and how much you eat vs. eating because of habit, boredom, what others are doing and emotion
  23. Eat less packages/processed foods and make more of your meals and snacks from scratch
  24. Always pack healthy snacks and keep them in your purse and in your car for those times when you are hungry and out and about
  25. Try to make 50% of your meal veggies at lunch and supper

Happy summer!!



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