12 Signs That something is Wrong With Your Thyroid Gland


Most of the times when we feel that something is wrong with our body we say that it is because of the cold, because of the allergies and etc. Sometimes that can be true, but there are so many small signs that point out to much bigger medical problems. That’s way you need to pay special attention to these signs, because some of them may be connected with your thyroid gland. Even do it is a small gland it is a very important organ and it can be a reason for many serious medical problems.

So how can you recognize the signs that indicate when something is wrong with your thyroid gland?

Symptom no.1: You are sad or depressed

The thyroid gland has that effect to completely change your mood. You can be sad or even depressed if you have a lack of thyroid hormone in your body.

Symptom no.2: Constipation

Small amounts of thyroid hormone can also cause digestion problems.

Symptom no.3: Sleepiness

Most of us are struggling to get up early in the morning, but if there is a thyroid disorder it can slow down all your body functions and you may fell sleepiness during the whole day.

Symptom no.4: Hair loss and dry skin

Because of the hypothyroidism, you will have an itchy skin, and slow metabolism leads to reduce sweating and hair loss.

Symptom no.5: Sudden weight gain

Even do you didn’t make any significant dietary changes in your life and you keep trying to lose weight but without any successes keep in mind that one of the reasons for that is a thyroid disorder.

 Symptom no.6: No interest in sex

As we said before lack of thyroid hormone can cause many problems and one of them is your desire for sex. That means thyroid hormone can decrease your libido.

Symptom no.7: Muscle pain

If we hit ourselves with something or if we do some new exercises normally we will experience a pain in our muscles. But if there is a presence of a mysterious pain in your muscles it is because of the thyroid gland.

Symptom no.8: Fast heartbeat or tachycardia

The thyroid gland can cause irregular heartbeat, and you may experience when your heart is not working the right way.

Symptom no.9: You feel lost

The presence of large amounts of thyroid hormone may affect your concentration and you may start forgetting things.

Symptom no.10:  High blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure and at the same time you have tried all the methods to lower it down like exercising, taking drugs but without any success it can also be a sign that you need to check your thyroid gland.

Symptom no.11: Increased appetite

The thyroid gland can change the taste of your food and it can increase your appetite.

Symptom no.12: Unpleasant feeling in your throat and in your neck

Since the thyroid gland is located in your neck it is normal to feel some pain in your neck and in your throat. The occurrence of neck lumps can also be a sign of thyroid problem.


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