10-Year-Old Girl Gets Kicked Off of School Bus for Bullying, So Dad Follows Her to School to Teach Her a Lesson


As the parent of a middle schooler, I’ve heard my fair share of stories about misbehaving kids on the bus. Kids will pick on other kids, the driver, or just act as if they have no manners.

An Ohio father was over his 10-year-old daughter getting trouble for being a school bus bully. After she was suspended for the second time this year for the behavior, he decided to teach her a lesson she wouldn’t soon forget.

Matt Cox had her make the 5-mile trek to school by foot, but he broke it up over the course of her 3-day suspension. The punishment was meant to teach her a lesson about having privileges, and also a way to show her that bullying behavior would not be tolerated.

In a video posted to Facebook, Cox is seen following behind her in a car as she walks. It’s earned more than 15 million views, with many commenters supporting his discipline method. While a few people disagreed and thought the walk was too long in 35° Ohio weather, most praised the fact that he was teaching her about consequences.


You can listen to this dad’s reasons for his decision by clicking on the Facebook video below. As he says, bullying will not be tolerated!

What do you think of this punishment? Have you used a similar tactic with your kids? How would you have handled an incident like this?



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