10 Nail Symptoms And What They Mean For Your Health


Did you know that the form, shape, color and texture of your nail can show you and signal you a lot of things that are happening inside your body? Some nail signs can be not very dangerous, but some others may be signaling you if you are having some chronic issue or disease, even cancer! All of this is concluded by the American Academy of Dermatology,

“The state of our health in general, can often be seen through our nails. Some unpleasant and quick changes in your nails, like thickening or discoloration, these signals may be sent due to some diseases like, diabetes, liver or kidney diseases, and lung and heart conditions as well.”


Also how much your nails grow, can show your health condition as well. If your health is good, your nails should grow about 3 to 3.5 millimeters every month, but many factors may reduce their growth, such as nutritional status, trauma, medications, etc. Also as the years go by, and we grow older, this factor also affects our nail growth.

If you have noticed any changes in your nails, like thickening, change in their shape, swelling, or discoloration, you must go and see a dermatologist right away. Don’t panic too much, that change may not be that dangerous and harmful, but sometimes that may signal a chronic disease, such as diabetes or some more serious issue.

10 Symptoms That your Nails are Trying to Signal you Through, and What they Mean for Your Health :

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